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Wedding Cake Toppers

Kissing Wedding Cake Topper, Kissing Bride & Groom Topper

CAD $119.50

A personalized decoration always stands out. This Personalized wedding cake topper is a perfect piece of artwork clay figurine made special based on preference or dream design, whether it's based on your personality, passion, hobbies, profession, or even culture and tradition, it is professionally made by our professional artist. This Cute Bride and Groom Kissing Clay Figurine Topper is not just perfect for sweet couples but also as a wedding cake topper decor idea.

10 Years Anniversary Wedding Cake Topper, Dusty Rose Wedding Theme

CAD $145.00

If you're looking for a unique and fun anniversary gift, look no further than a personalized wedding cake topper. This 10 years Anniversary Wedding Cake Topper is a great cake topper but also a keepsake piece for cherish your special moment forever.

50th year anniversary wedding cake topper

CAD $135.00

I love you without knowing how, from where, or when, it just started decades ago and still going. This 50th wedding anniversary cake topper makes a perfect gift for parents/grandparents.

African American Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $119.50

Getting married during a pandemic is certainly...unique and every couple deserves a happy and joyful day no matter what. This handmade kissing quarantine wedding cake topper will perfectly reflect your beauty, humor, and happiness. It is also a symbol of how love conquers all, a perfect encouragement gift for any bride-to-be. This African American bride and groom cake topper is the ultimate way to display your humor as well as express love to your beloved one. They are 100% handmade with high-quality, non-toxic clay which is stable and brightly colored.

African wedding cake topper, mixed race wedding couple

CAD $275.00

This African wedding cake topper is an ultimate way to display your uniqueness and your culture. As a perfect memorable keepsake for every couple, this beautiful bride and groom figurine is a perfect size for wedding cake decoration and for display. They are 100% handmade (without using any molding) with high-quality non-toxic special clay which is stable and lightweight.

Animal crossing wedding cake topper, gamer wedding topper

CAD $445.00

You met through Animal Crossing, a popular video game , became a perfect match in real life and be together forever. This wedding cake topper is perfect for your couple which not only wows all the guests but also cherish your special moment, and tell your love story by the place where all began.

Animal Crossing Wedding Cake Figurine, Online Game Inspired Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $262.00

This Animal Crossing Wedding Cake Figurine is a perfect display and storyteller of your unique love story, customized according to the request. Whether you want to feature your personality, your hobbies, profession, interests, or your love story, we will help you create your dream wedding d├ęcor for your big day. It's a wonderful wedding keepsake gift.

Animal Crossing Wedding Cake Topper, Game Commission Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $262.00

You met in the online game and marry in real life. This animal crossing wedding cake topper is a perfect love story teller. Whether you're exchanging vows in the virtual world or simply want to infuse some gaming fun into your wedding, this topper serves as a delightful and personalized centerpiece.

Animal Crossing wedding cake topper, Online game bride & groom wedding topper

CAD $253.60

Celebrate the most important occasion of your life in style with a gorgeous cake topper presentation that you and your guests will surely love. This Custom Animal Crossing inspire wedding cake topper is a delightful and unique way to represent the bride and groom. A fantastic Wedding cake topper souvenir to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Animal Crossing Wedding Cake Topper, Villager Figurine Wedding Couple, Wedding Gift for Gamers

CAD $257.50

Calling all gamers! Our Geek Bride Wedding Cake Topper, inspired by Animal Crossing, is a whimsical way to express your love for each other and your favorite virtual world. It's a unique blend of romance and gaming that will surely stand out on your cake.

Ao Dai Wedding Cake Topper, Kissing Bride and Groom Clay Figurine

CAD $123.90

This Ao Dai Wedding Cake Topper not only display your uniqueness but also your ethnic, your culture and cherish your special moment for years to come.

Ariel wedding cake topper, Disney princess inspire wedding

CAD $279.50

The Ariel wedding cake topper is a presentation of a fantasy love affair between a prince and a mermaid. This custom wedding topper is based on your request theme/design and even creative imagination. This Disney princess wedding clay doll makes a wonderful wedding centerpiece on your wedding day.