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Products tagged with 'unique wedding cake topper'

Bride and Groom with mask wedding cake topper, Quarantine wedding cake topper

CAD $119.50

Getting married during a pandemic is certainly...unique and every couple deserves a happy and joyful day no matter what. This handmade Quarantine wedding cake topper will perfectly reflect your beauty, humor and happiness. It is also a symbol of how love conquers all, a perfect encouragement gift for any bride to be. These are made especially for you. This unique Bride and Groom with mask cake topper can also make the perfect gift for anyone on their special day and make a great keepsake.

Superhero wedding cake topper, Superman wedding cake topper

CAD $265.00

This Superhero wedding cake topper is great wedding cake topper, wedding centerpiece, engagement decor, wedding decor, anniversary gift idea, bridal shower decor,.. They are 100% handmade with high quality, non-toxic clay which is stable. These are made specially for you. This unique wedding clay figurine can also make the perfect gift for anyone on their special day and make a great keepsake.

Mermaid Wedding Cake Topper, Scuba Diver Wedding CakeTopper

CAD $299.50

If you love the ocean, the mystery underwater or scuba diving, this custom wedding cake is perfect for you. It will take your wedding cake to the next level. It will display your uniqueness, your hobby , your love, but also treasure your moment for years to come.

The Futurama Wedding Cake Topper, Fry & Leela wedding topper

CAD $287.50

*** PRICE EXCLUDES PET **** If you are a fan of Fry or Leela, then this Futurama Wedding Cake Topper is specially made just for you. This will perfectly show your uniqueness and fantasy dream.

Unique wedding cake topper, Pink hair Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $260.00

This Unique bride and groom wedding cake topper not only display your uniqueness but also treasure your happy moments for years.

Bride and Bride Wedding Cake Topper, Wedding Theme Cake Topper

CAD $279.50

This lesbian wedding cake topper not only display your uniqueness but also cherish your special moment for years to come. If you want to have similar and dont change any details, price will be as the listing. If you want to change hairstyles, dress, bouquet or any details, it might be a small extra charge.

Online Dating Wedding Cake Topper, Tinder bride & groom topper

CAD $305.00

It's really possible to meet our forever destined soulmate through online dating app. This Tinder It's a Match Wedding Cake Topper is an illustration of how possible it is. Our Online Dating wedding cake topper makes a perfect gift for couples who met through Tinder and ended up with a beautiful love story.

GOT wedding cake topper, the lord of the rings wedding topper

CAD $305.00

You both are fans of famous fantasy adventure films, then this wedding cake topper is a great topper which display not only your uniqueness but also your fantasy dream. Our wedding cake toppers are sculptured by professionals with love and passion, they make sure the details you have set for it are met.