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Products tagged with 'same sex wedding'

Quarantine wedding cake topper, Gay wedding cake topper with dog

CAD $245.00

Getting married during a pandemic is certainly...unique and every couple deserves a happy and joyful day no matter what. This custom quarantine wedding cake topper will perfectly reflect your beauty, humor and happiness. It is also a symbol of how love conquers all, a perfect encouragement gift for any bride to be. These are made specially for you. This unique Gay wedding cake topper with dog can also make the perfect gift for anyone on their special day and make a great keepsake.

Pug Wedding Cake Topper, Gay Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $203.50 CAD $187.22

This same sex pug wedding cake topper is great wedding cake topper, wedding centerpiece, engagement decor, wedding decor, anniversary gift idea, bridal shower decor,.. It is perfect keepsake gift.

Bride and Bride Wedding Cake Topper, Same Sex Clay Figurine

CAD $149.50

Love is love is love. Whether a man loves a woman, a woman loves a woman, or a man loves a man, it makes no difference. This Bride and Bride Wedding Cake Topper is a celebration of lesbian marriage and proof that true love will always prevail.

Mexico & Indian lesbian wedding cake topper, Bride & Bride cake topper

CAD $289.50

Our Mexico & India wedding toppers are created by your creative imagination, hobby, profession, and artistic impression. This Lesbian wedding cake topper is the ultimate way to display your unique character, your hobby, and love on your wedding day.

Gay wedding cake topper with dog, Dusty blue wedding theme

CAD $250.00

This gay wedding cake topper is an ultimate way to display your uniqueness and included your furry friend. As a perfect memorable keepsake for every couple, this dusty blue groom and groom wedding is a perfect size for wedding cake decoration and for display. They are 100% handmade (without using any molding) with high-quality non-toxic special clay which is stable and lightweight.

Gay Wedding Cake Topper, Sesame Street Cake Topper, Bert & Ernie Clay Figure, Love Pinch Topper

CAD $245.00

Are you Sesame Street fans? This Personalized wedding cake topper is a perfect piece of artwork clay figurine made special based on preference or dream design, whether it's based on your personality, passion, hobbies, profession, or even culture and tradition, it is handmade by our professional artist. This Bert and Ernie Wedding Cake Topper makes one of the most unique and cool wedding cake toppers.

Silver Anniversary Wedding Cake Topper, Pinecone wedding cake topper

CAD $45.00

This Silver Pinecones Wedding Cake Topper makes a perfect wedding centerpiece for silver weddings. This Woodland Wedding Cake Topper displays a rustic theme touch which is perfect for nature lover couples. A story teller keepsake from your big day to be kept forever.

Belle Princess and Sailor Moon wedding cake topper, lesbian wedding topper

CAD $105.00

This elegantly designed couple perfectly reflects the uniqueness and happiness of you both on the day you share the vow with. This Belle Princess and Sailor Moon bride and bride wedding cake topper not only display your uniqueness but also make your fantasy dream come true.