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Products tagged with 'chinese wedding'

Quarantine Wedding Cake Topper, Chinese wedding topper

CAD $127.50 CAD $114.75

Getting married during a pandemic is certainly...unique and every couple deserves a happy and joyful day no matter what. This handmade Quarantine wedding cake topper will perfectly reflect your beauty, humor and happiness. It is also a symbol of how love conquers all, a perfect encouragement gift for any bride to be. These are made especially for you. This unique Chinese wedding topper can also make the perfect gift for anyone on their special day and make a great keepsake.

Custom wedding cake topper, Japanese and Chinese Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $128.00

This ethnic wedding cake topper is not only an ultimate way to display your uniqueness but also cherish your special moment for years to come.

Chinese and Barong wedding cake topper, Filipino and Chinese wedding topper

CAD $127.50

This Philippine & Chinese wedding cake topper is the ultimate way to display your uniqueness They are 100% handmade (without using any molding) with high quality non-toxic special clay which is stable and lightweight. They will sit on any type of cake without sinking. These are made for just you and it is the only one in the world.

Chinese Wedding Cake Topper, Traditional Cheongsam Cake Topper, Qipao wedding cake topper

CAD $285.00

Celebrate the beauty of tradition with our exquisite Chinese Wedding Cake Topper, featuring a Traditional Cheongsam design that adds elegance and cultural flair to your special day. Whether you're planning a traditional Chinese wedding or simply want to add an Asian touch to your festivities, our cake topper is sure to impress. Honor your love and heritage with our stunning Chinese Wedding Cake Topper – a cherished centerpiece for your unforgettable day.