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Products tagged with 'bride and groom with dog'

Custom beach wedding cake topper, Bride and Groom Cake Topper with a dog

CAD $306.50

This wedding cake topper with dog is ultimate way to display your uniqueness and include your furry member on your special day. This custom bride & groom cake topper will cherish and treasure the moment you share the vow with, the special time you start your family and tell your love story for years to come.

Canadian Police Wedding Cake Topper, Bride & Groom cake topper with dog

CAD $263.50

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day. This handmade Canadian Royal Police wedding cake topper is the ultimate way to display your unique character on your wedding day. They are 100% handmade with high quality, non-toxic clay which is stable. These are made specially for you.

Chinese Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs, Red Wedding Theme Cake Topper

CAD $199.95

This Chinese Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs is the perfect way to put the finishing touch on a wedding cake while also highlighting the couple's uniqueness. An adorable and original keepsake for the happy couple, this custom wedding ccake topper is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Hinge Wedding Cake Topper With A Dog, Online Dating wedding theme

CAD $352.00

Cherishing having found a soulmate, featuring our personalized married couple figurines holding up a Hinge frame including the bride and groom’s name. In addition, you can bring your adorable furry friend along. A perfect wedding cake topper not only wows guests but also tell your love story and display your uniqueness and your four legs friend. You can order your customized wedding cake topper in this style too, please send an inquiry through email.